According to some figures, including those published by the London Business News service, China has already overtaken the United States to become the World’s largest economy!

The global importance of China and the other East Asian ‘Tiger Economy’ regions including South Korea, Japan and Taiwan certainly means a recognised requirement in the UK, Europe and other Western countries for global business and cultural interaction by future generations:

If Chinese Mandarin is the most important Language our current generation of children should be learning, surely it goes without saying they must also master a pair of Chopsticks? This product is the ideal way for my grandchildren to achieve this!” – Testimonial

With the news that China is, as of now, the “No.1” global economic super-power then perhaps the marketing motto referring to the year 2030 will need the date revised to a much sooner one!:

66% Of The World’s Middle Class Will Be In Asia By 2030
– whose children will Business Lunch with them?

Read the full article by here.

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