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 CleverstiX products are now in Europe

– available for wholesale to retailers, restaurants, nurseries, schools and other establishments!

In addition to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from children and parents alike, CleverstiX are also supported by the following licensing partnerships:

  • The British Science Museum
  • Dreamworks: “Kung Fu Panda (“Shrek” and “Madagascar” coming soon)
  • Sanrio: “Hello Kitty” 
  • Studio Canal / ROI Visual: “Robocar Poli

Buyer's Brochure

Available to retailers and members of the trade


Bill Grimsey

  • Retired retailer
  • Former CEO of:
    • The Big Food Group (Iceland supermarket)
    • Wickes DIY
    • Park ‘n’ Shop Hong Kong
  • Former Director of Tesco
  • Author of:
    • The Grimsey Review – An Alternative Review of the High Street
    • ‘Sold Out’ Who Killed the High Street
  • Political Party & Parliamentary High Street Retail Advisor
  • Public Speaker

Website: VanishingHighStreet.com

To read Bill Grimsey’s  full endorsement of CleverstiX and his view on the opportunity for Retailers, please signup for the CleverstiX Buyer’s Brochure.

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