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Since supplying the catering trade, CleverstiX have proven themselves to be particularly rewarding for the restaurants and take-away establishments that stock them. Whether earning additional revenue by simply displaying the eye-catching kids training chopsticks on their counters for sale, or by increasing the popularity of the dining experience they offer for young families – the perks for their businesses are significant.

Two independent Sushi outlets – one a restaurant, and the other a take-away – have described how they have benefitted:

CleverstiX on display in Sumo Fresh

CleverstiX on display in Sumo Fresh

Sumo Fresh is a high street establishment specialising in Japanese cuisine. With a highly regarded cocktail lounge it’s known for both it’s late night party atmosphere and daytime child-friendly environment – and CleverstiX plays a key part in it’s popularity amongst local families:

Children who come here enjoy the Japanese dining experience as much as the food“, explains manager Ragi. “And CleverstiX definitely adds to that
experience by making it more fun. They want to come back again, always asking to use them again. And they tell their friends about it.

In the evenings they get noticed on the counter by parents who decide to take home a surprise for their little ones!

Sumo Fresh chooses not to sell CleverstiX but simply provide them as cutlery for children to eat their dine-in meal with. The uniqueness of CleverstiX no doubt enhances the children’s mealtime enjoyment. Unlike other ‘training chopsticks’ they appeal to kids for a number of specific reasons:

  • They have the appearance of a toy, with colourful characters from the Science Museum, Hello Kitty and Kung Fu Panda.
  • They have a special ergonomic design based on the shape of a child’s hand for maximum comfort
  • Since young children’s instinct is to finger-eat, the dedicated finger-rings mean CleverstiX effectively act as finger-extensions making them verynatural for children to use
  • They have widened embossed tips, making it easier to pick up food
  • They are safe: CE, EN71-3:2013, EU 10/2011 and ISO 9001:2008 accredited

Being high quality, tough-wearing and dishwasher safe means a decent saving on disposable cutlery too!

CleverstiX on display in Sakura Sushi Bar

CleverstiX on display in Sakura Sushi Bar

Sakura is a small Japanese Sushi take-away tucked away in the heart of a housing estate. It’s a central part of the community there – it’s family run and offers home-made cuisine. They display CleverstiX for sale on it’s counter, and within a week it’s owner Cherry was calling us again because they ran out of stock!

CleverstiX in their Counter Display Unit Box

Counter Display Unit Box

They catch the eye of virtually every customer who comes in!“, reveals Cherry. “Parents and Grandparents pick them up on impulse for their kids when they collect their food orders while they wait – some even ask us to provide Adult versions for them!“.

If children are here with customers they attracted to them straight away. Just for the effort of putting them on the counter, we’re getting extra revenue, so it’s very good and convenient for us.

CleverstiX are available to the hospitality trade at wholesale prices from specialist distributor SushiSushi.

READ about our partnership with SushiSushi here.

Visit the SushiSushi website here.

SushiSushi CleverstiX cover

 CleverstiX available from SushiSushi

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