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Introduction to the award-winning CleverstiX

Using cutlery can be tricky for little ones, so the new award-winning CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery invention uses a special ergonomic chopsticks-style pincer design to focus hand-eye coordination, increase dexterity and improve feeding habits.

CleverstiX are suitable for ALL cuisines: pasta, noodles, chips, peas, even fruit!

CleverstiX are endorsed by the Science Museum, London and feature Hello Kitty and Kung Fu Panda gift versions.

As used by Ken Hom’s own grandchildren: They are the best – they help develop children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. CleverstiX are safe and work!”

 Ken Hom OBE: Chef, Author, TV Presenter

CleverstiX  helps to improve eating habits and focus at meal-times. Because CleverstiX act almost as an extension of a child’s fingers children find them very natural to use. Rather than playing with their food during mealtimes, kids have fun concentrating on the challenge to picking up food with their toy-like device.  All the while intensely building hand motor strength – meaning less dropped food and less mess for parents to deal with!

Designed especially for small hands developing their Fine Motor Skills – particularly important during the ages of 3 to 7. 

But CleverstiX don’t only provide a valuable help for parents at mealtimes. Parents of young children also typically face another regular challenge – birthday party invitations!

Trying to think of an appropriate gift that kids enjoy, that is original, but would also universally meet parental blessing isn’t easy – which is why CleverstiX make the perfect gift solution!

Fun. Practical. Educational. And truly Innovative: Approved of by Parents, Loved By Kids!

CleverstiX so far..

Following product evaluation by UK trading standards and testing laboratories, CleverstiX are confirmed as BPA Free and have achieved the highest standards of safety certifications, and of ethical manufacture, as officially recognised in the UK and globally including the following:

  • BS EN71-3:2013
  • CE
  • EU 10/2011
  • ISO 9001:2008

Having the above qualifications enabled us to secure licensing partnerships with the like of DreamWorks Animation, StudioCanal, Sanrio and to be officially endorsed by the Science Museum. As a result we are permitted to produce versions of CleverstiX featuring popular children’s cartoon characters such as HELLO KITTY and KUNG FU PANDA, which has certainly assisted ‘impulse buys’ given the standout impact of the colourful packaging on the shop shelf.

CleverstiX were exclusively launched in the Science Museum and the Museum of Science &Industry (MOSI) shops in London and Manchester during October 2014. The launch has been very successful, exceedingly all expectations to the extent of that both shops made  3 re-stock orders within the first 6 weeks!

Since then we have expanded to several stores where the novelty factor of such a unique product with colourful packaging standout impact of the on the shop shelf has replicated this success. 

Additionally we supply Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Restaurants! 

We also have very recently secured distribution in the Netherlands and already achieved high launch sales and noticeable PR coverage in that region.

Meanwhile the Giftware Association (GA) selected CleverstiX.com to be their ‘Featured Supplier’ in the recent edition of the Giftwrap newsletter

Reviews and Awards

CleverstiX have so far received universal praise via Product Reviews, and notable awards: 


However most recently at the 2016 Housewares Innovation Awards held during Spring Fair CleverstiX, amid stiff competition, received the “Highly Commended” Award in the ‘Kitchenware Innovation’ category. You can read about this major milestone here:

CleverstiX achieves Kitchenware Innovation success at the Housewares Innovation Awards 2016!


Benefits for Special Needs Children

Having been contacted by several customers to inform us how helpful CleverstiX have been for their children with conditions including Dyspraxia / DCD and some forms of Autism,  who otherwise struggle with conventional cutlery, we were encouraged to make CleverstiX more readily available to parents of children with Special Needs.

We have since been liaising with qualified Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) and other experts or professionals who are either currently testing the product with selected children, or have already published their results.

Click the logos and links below to read more about their assesments:

National Handwriting Association logo

National Handwriting Association


The children who tested the CleverstiX really loved them and rated them as ‘totally ace’…

Skybound Therapies logo

Skybound Autism Therapies


I highly recommend this as a perfect addition to any toolbox when focusing on fine motor skills particularly handwriting skills…

Dyspraxia Education

Dyspraxia Education


..lots of different uses for them from eating to all sorts of games such as, picking up small items and transferring them.



OT for Kids logo

OT for Kids


..an excellent tool to develop inner hand strength, enabling children to develop the control and accuracy of their fine motor movements

We are also blogging about SEN related matters here.

CleverstiX CUISINES Poster
CleverstiX Mums Love Award Badge
CleverstiX shortlisted for the 2015 LBP Awards!
Housewares Awards 2016 KITCHENWARE INNOVATION "Highly Commended"
Ken Hom OBE - CleverstiX

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