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Improve concentration
Develop handwriting grip
Enjoy meal times
Advance fine motor skills
Learn chopstick control

APPROVED of by Parents, LOVED by kids!

They are the best – they help develop children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. CleverstiX look almost like a toy, are safe and works!
Ken Hom OBE

Chef, Author, TV Presenter

They’ve improved the strength in his (Iestyn, 4) fingers, his co-ordination. I think it’s been good for his overall learning and development.


I think they’re a great invention, they make mealtimes fun and help kids with their motor skills as well. Each time Gabriel (7 years old) uses them I notice his dexterity improves, he finds it easier & easier and he can pick up more & more difficult food.


He (son, 4) loves them. I think it’s safer than using a fork.

Buckhurst Hill

They’ve been really good for William, especially with his fine motor skills. With mealtimes they (William, 4, & Lucas, 7) find them really interesting, makes eating less of a challenge in the evenings.

New Zealand

We have many other Parents asking us where we got these. Not only those of my son’s friends, it also happens when we go to the local Chinese Restaurant – complete strangers see him using them and approach us to ask too!


I like how they’re easy to handle. It makes the kids more focussed when they’re eating.  And it looks enjoyable!

Leyton, London

My 4 year old daughter worked out how to use them from the very 1st time she tried! My 2 girls really like using them. They seem to encourage them to eat more because it’s good fun to use them.


CleverstiX are the must-have eating implement for kids and parents alike…kids for the ease of use and parents who no longer have to worry about food on their carpet. 

My 5 year old boy Josh tried them for the first time at the weekend and loved them because a) they are cool! and b) because they worked every time…no more looking on his lap for runaway food!!
Simon Daniel

'Your Home' Magazine

Amazing. Has transformed meal times! My little boy (3 years old) cannot wait to get his training chopsticks out – not only to eat typical East Asian food, but also for Pasta, Chopped Vegetables, Fish Fingers – even Chips!


I’m from Korea. We’ve been using chopsticks since we were little, but living in England it’s not easy to encourage children to use them. But with CleverstiX it is easy. They want to use it and they can learn really quick! They practice and move onto normal chopsticks. Then when we go to Grandma’s in Korea they can use normal chopsticks so it’s good!


My 3 year old got the hang of these straight away, no fuss. She loves to eat peas, raisins and sweetcorn with them which just demonstrates how they assist with the development of fine motor skills. I shall be getting some more as presents.
Jesse Lambert-Harden


If Chinese Mandarin is the most important Language our current generation of children should be learning, surely it goes without saying they must also master a pair of Chopsticks? This product is the ideal way for my grandchildren to achieve this!


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Widened contact points are embossed to aid easy grip of food.


Removable finger rings are strategically located, with the tough yet comfortable and soft silicon material providing the required flexibility.


Provides a lightweight, yet solid and sturdy base for the individual sticks to be planted in.  Amazingly, no adhesive is used in this design (the Sticks are removable from the Head).


Inside the Head, the Torque connector provides the sticks with the leverage to move up to a 70 degree rotation from a closed position.

Who can complete the CleverstiX Challenge?

Remove the rings as children improve!

Step One

The starting position for all beginners with all rings in place. It’s easy to ‘pick-up’ how to use CleverstiX, which makes it easy to ‘pick-up’ food! With a little dedication and a little perseverance children should be able to soon handle CleverstiX almost as an extension of their own fingers!

Step Two

OK so CleverstiX are easy to use, but are they getting too easy? Step Two challenges kids to make those newly acquired fine motor skills even finer with the removal of the middle finger ring. With just one finger and a thumb to rely on, they could now begin to really feel the pinch.

Step Three

It’s time to give progress so far a real ‘Thumbs Up’, so there’s no need for finger rings! The 3rd step really throws down the gauntlet as children face tackling CleverstiX with only a single digit to rely on. However if they can master this, then they truly can become Masters of their own Dexterity!
Cleverstix is a corporate member of the National Handwriting Association
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