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On the eve of The OT Show, the appeal of CleverstiX within Paediatric Occupational Therapy has gained further recognition following a new endorsement. We are delighted that OT for Kids now recommend our Child Development Cutlery.

OT Show Paediatric Trail

Both CleverstiX  (Really Useful Stuff) and OT for Kids will be on the OT Show Paediatric Trail


OT for Kids provides professional services for children, parents, teachers, charities, schools and other organisations. In common with the CleverstiX products, OT For Kids services help with fine motor skills, concentration and handwriting – so there were obvious synergies.

Paediatric OT Nathan Varma tested CleverstiX with a number of children he works closely with:

We found CleverstiX to be an excellent tool to develop inner hand strength, enabling children to develop the control and accuracy of their fine motor movements

As a result Nathan is now in the process of conducting a wider assessment by distributing CleverstiX amongst his colleagues to take onsite to the schools that use the OT for Kids services. We look forward to the results of the wider evaluation that will be revealed soon!

Nathan Varma, OT for Kids

Nathan Varma, OT for Kids


Like CleverstiX.com, OT for Kids will also be present at The OT Show Paediatric Trail on Stand G25a – right next to our CleverstiX Jellybean Challenge on Stand G22 with Really Useful Stuff!

Visit the OT for Kids website here: www.otforkids.co.uk

The OT Show website: www.TheOTShow.com

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