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The ideal kids stocking-filler has certainly been flying off the shelves this December as the CleverstiX combination of being fun, educational, unique and affordable proves more popular than ever!

We have even ordered emergency re-stock this month to be flown over via Air Freight from Korea to deal with the huge surge in demand from our stockists!

To help ensure you don’t miss out we’ve provided a list below of stockists who’ve informed us (however please check directly with them) they are still shipping CleverstiX in time for Christmas during what’s left of DECEMBER!:


And don’t forget these 2 other upcoming events that kids will love to have their own pair of CleverstiX in time for!:

  • Chinese New Year: 8th February 2016
  • Kung Fu Panda 3” UK cinema release: March 2016


CleverstiX stockists: CleverstiX.com/where-to-buy

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