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CleverstiX.com is pleased to announce a new cooperation with the National Handwriting Association (NHA) as an official corporate member of the registered charity. The CleverstiX special ‘NO SPRING BACK‘ design is proven by experts to intensely develop children’s handwriting skills and we are delighted to support the NHA’s cause to achieve and provide the following:

  • increased public awareness of the importance of handwriting.

  • policy advice to schools and government departments

  • publication of an annual journal and of books on handwriting and related topics

  • contributing to initial teacher training

  • continuing professional development: in-service training courses for teachers, therapists and support staff

*READ about how CleverstiX benefits handwriting on the NHA’s own website HERE.*

CleverstiX child development cutlery

As part of the collaboration CleverstiX.com will be represented at NHA events and conferences in person and via the presence of CleverstiX products and promotional materials. In turn the NHA logo will feature on CleverstiX.com’s own company paraphernalia and packaging.

The move follows the NHA Journal’s previous glowing product review of CleverstiX after an extensive assessment last year. This followed several professional endorsements from Paediatric Occupational Therapists and from Handwriting experts.

*Read about the CleverstiX product review that appeared in the NHA Journal HERE.*

CleverstiX.com remains committed to supplying SENCOs, Nurseries, Schools and Occupational Therapists for the purpose of child development.

Visit the National Handwriting Association website: www.nha-handwriting.org.uk

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