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CleverstiX.com is delighted to reveal the latest incarnation of it’s Child Development Cutlery – our own branded version! The design marks a departure from previous forms by not featuring a children’s character on the head of the ‘StiX’. This was in response to requests from several sources – parents, teachers, carers, schools, nurseries and multiple retailers who desired a more ‘neutral’ look that would appeal to a wider age range.

The new packaging features updated information based on the benefits of using CleverstiX – many proven since the product launched:

CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery - packaging concept

CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery – packaging concept


Moreover the information is now also applied to the refreshed licensed versions of CleverstiX packaging too – see the updated concepts below:

CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery - packaging concept: HELLO KITTY

CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery – NEW packaging concept: HELLO KITTY


Kung Fu Panda CleverstiX

Kung Fu Panda CleverstiX: NEW packaging


Science Museum CleverstiX

Science Museum CleverstiX: NEW packaging

VISIT our Image Gallery page to view high-resolution photos of our new products and updated packaging by clicking HERE.

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