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Are you about to become a Christmas or seasonal shopper struggling to think of a Children’s gift that is all of the below?:

  • Original
  • Innovative
  • Something that no one else will have thought of!
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • High quality
  • Features well-known, respected brands
  • Safe
  • Practical
  • Affordable
  • Has Novelty Factor
  • Is Approved by Parents
  • Is Loved by Kids
  • …And fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking

..Then you might been very glad to know that CleverstiX.com customers can now get up to 30% off their order of CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery with the release of 2 new coupon codes for the online store!

Where the applicable Coupon is submitted a deduction of 20% is available on CleverstiX.com orders. This increases to a saving of 30% offered on orders of £14 or more.

Just enter these Coupon Codes to your CleverstiX.com Basket or at the Checkout – they are valid until 6th January 2015:

    For 20% off your total order: StockingFiller20

    For 30% off your total order value of £14 or over: StockingFiller30off14

And don’t forget: FREE shipping for all orders worth £10 or more!

Visit our Products page to start shopping!: www.CleverstiX.com/products

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