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CleverstiX.com is thrilled to confirm the approval of the National Handwriting Association (NHA) for our CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery.

The NHA is a registered UK Charity (number 1051157) and have the following aims:

  • to raise awareness of handwriting as a crucial component of literacy
  • to promote and foster good practice in the teaching of handwriting
  • to provide support for those working with children and adults who have handwriting difficulties


Following a significant period of testing and evaluation with a selection of children, including those with special needs, the NHA will be publishing it’s evaluation of CleverstiX in it’s journal, as well as recommending the product to schools and nurseries.

The significance of this latest CleverstiX advocacy comes as the product is now being stocked by educational suppliers to schools and nurseries, and as several Paediatric Occupational Therapists are also evaluating our Child Development Cutlery – precisely because of it’s benefits in developing fine motor skills in children. More news on these developments will follow soon!

Meanwhile you may read the NHA article below:

“CleverstiX: Child Development Cutlery

CleverstiX make mealtimes fun for young children and help them develop hand-eye co-ordination, improve concentration, develop dexterity, fine motor skills for handwriting and encourage eating skills through their special ergonomic pincer design. This unique design requires the child to apply movement for both closing and opening their grip. As CleverstiX are intended to be used for mealtimes the children receive substantially more input than they would through using resources for grip and pincer movement less frequently in school group activities.

CleverstiX have been endorsed by the Science Museum and are welcomed by a wide range of OTs (Occupational Therapists), parents and specialists who work with children with co-ordination difficulties. They have also been well reported for use with autistic children. Most importantly they are easily used by children who find them great fun. The colourful designs come in left and right-handed versions and include Hello Kitty, Kung Fu Panda and Robocar Poli.

The children who tested the CleverstiX really loved them and rated them as ‘totally ace’. One girl also used them to pick up bits of sponge to dip into paint to stencil a tepee she was making and her brother managed to use his with his Ninja Lego! During mealtimes, not only could they pick up a large variety of foods but they ate more than usual. This was particularly important for one child who normally eats very little and her growth has been affected by medication for a condition which has made it difficult for her to use her fingers as well as her peers. Picking food up with her fingers irritates her skin and she has struggled to develop the co-ordination necessary to cut her food independently. The CleverstiX have given her the independence with eating that she currently needs. Her consultant at GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) has been pleased with this progress and was delighted to see the product.

To find out more about this award winning product the web site is definitely worth a visit: www.CleverstiX.com

The author was also kind enough to mention the following:

  • I have been amazed by how much pasta a 4 year old who normally shuns food can eat with your CleverstiX!


You may visit the National Handwriting Association website by clicking the link below:



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