Adapting CleverstiX for Left-Handed Use

(silicone thumb-ring version only)

The silicone thumb-ring version of CleverstiX is adjustable for Left-Handed use in just 5 simple steps. Please adapt accordingly by following the instructions below:

1. Twist the silicone thumb-ring 180 degrees so it is projecting in the opposite direction.

2. Remove both finger-rings.

3. On the same stick from which it was removed, first re-apply the finger ring with the SHORTEST tubing so that it is closest to the head, next to the raised dot inside the stick. Ensure the bottom of the raised heart-shape is pointing away from the head.

4. Now re-apply the finger ring with the LONGEST tubing onto the same stick, next to the first finger-ring. Ensure the bottom of its raised heart-shape is pointing towards the head.

5. Align the finger-rings in order that:

  • The second finger-ring is protruding in the opposite direction to the thumb-ring.
  • On the other side of the stick, the bottom of each raised heart-shape is pointing at each other.

The CleverstiX will now be ready for Left-Handed use.

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