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Perhaps a confrontation Martial Arts fantasists would love to see – the flying Kung Fu of the DreamWorks animated Panda versus the mythical Jedi mastery. However in cinematic terms this showdown is not going to happen anytime soon.

20th Century Fox, who distribute Dreamworks Animation (DWA) films, have announced the intended December 2015 release of the third Kung Fu Panda motion picture will be pushed back to March 2016. Therefore instead of clashing with the next ‘Star Wars 7’ scheduled flick in the same month, Po and his friends from China will still be sleeping when The Force Awakens during next year’s Christmas period.

Deadline reports Fox’s Domestic Distribution President Chris Aronson wanting to make sure the DWA flick “is positioned where it has the best chance to reach the broadest audience” and that “the spring availability does just that — gives KFP the maximum amount of air to breathe in order to have a long, successful run.

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Po and friends looking somewhat surprised at the news

However Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson claims that Kung Fu Panda 3 “could have survived ‘Star Wars’” , arguing it “may-well have thrived in the shadow of the Force”:

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