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CleverstiX.com is delighted to announce a new distribution deal with Dutch retailer Amstelmam.nl.

The Amsterdam based gift store and online shop will not only be stocking CleverstiX, but will also act as wholesale distributor to other retailers across Holland.

Amstelmam.nl owner Jeannette Elsenburg was delighted to secure the agreement at a meeting in London last Friday:

I’m very happy to sell these fantastic CleverstiX in The Netherlands! My husband had actually discovered them on a trip to South Korea and our kids (2 girls) love them!
Amstelmam is a Dutch gift shop and web boutique with products for mums, babies and children. We sell educational toys, and must-haves for infants and kids.

The agreement represents the product’s first exposure to the Dutch market and Jeannette has reported fantastic sales already since launching only this week!

Visit the Amstelmam.nl online store here :

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