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Whether your kids observe Chinese New Year at their School, Nursery, local Chinese Restaurant or at home, CleverstiX.com is offering the perfect opportunity for them to feel extra special – not to mention the envy of their peers – when marking the occasion which is increasingly celebrated across the entire UK and beyond.

Better still, a Chinese New Year’s resolution to improve your child’s dexterity, hand/eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and handwriting grip can be addressed with the simple use of the award-winning CleverstiX products at meal times!

This year the Chinese Zodiac honours the Year of the Sheep (or also referred to as ‘Year of the Goat’ or ‘Year of the Ram’) and celebrations begin on 19th February and continue for for several days afterwards!

And remember: CleverstiX are suitable for all cuisines, not just oriental food! So whether your children are going to be using CleverstiX for Chinese food or for chips, peas or even fruit – now is a great time to take advantage of these discount code coupons and apply them when you checkout any order on CleverstiX.com. But hurry – this offer expires on 1st March 2015!:

    For 25% off your total order: CNY_SHEEP_25

    For 35% off your total order value of £15 or over: CNY_SHEEP_35off15

Plus FREE shipping for all orders worth £10 or more!

Visit our Products page today to choose from our Hello Kitty, Kung Fu Panda or Science Museum range!: www.CleverstiX.com/products

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