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Whilst all of us at CleverstiX.com have the greatest belief in our own products, we are nevertheless often typically over-whelmed by the positive response we receive from our customers and users of CleverstiX!

The latest review submitted to us came from Jesse, a mum whose experience of providing a pair of ‘Hello Kitty‘ CleverstiX for her daughter Poppy, turning 3 years old this month, had us seriously impressed.

Now we like to preach that CleverstiX are easy to pick up, but in Poppy’s case it is a single tiny green pea that she’s now finding easy to ‘pick up‘. ‘Easy-PEAsy‘ in fact! As proven by the photographic evidence Jesse shared with us:

Poppy’s mum kindly left us with this critique:

My 3 year old got the hang of these straight away, no fuss. She loves to eat peas, raisins and sweetcorn with them which just demonstrates how they assist with the development of fine motor skills. I shall be getting some more as presents.

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