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Earlier this month we brought you news of the outstanding response CleverstiX had received for it’s Product Reviews on the popular parenting website babyworld.co.uk.

We are now even further delighted to confirm that the exceptional feedback the Science Museum version of CleverstiX received has now been offically recognised by babyworld with the confirmation that the product has qualified for their ‘Mums Love Award‘.

babyworld specifies that the accolade is only given to products “that parents simply think are truly great“. The criteria, which can be viewed in full here, states that the product must achieve the following:

A minimum rating of 4.5/5 stars for EACH of the three categories: ease of use, value for money and quality

We can reveal that CleverstiX achieved a maximum 5 stars for 2 of the 3 categories: ‘Value For Money‘ and ‘Quality‘. Meanwhile in the other category, ‘Ease of Use‘, CleverstiX scored 4.97!

The achievement means that CleverstiX.com is also permitted to proudly display the babyworld ‘Mums Love Award’ on our website, so here it is below in all its glory! Simply click on it to read the reviews on babyworld.co.uk!:

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