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As revealed last month, CleverstiX.com’s first ever appearance as a Trade Show exhibitor took place last week at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair.

The Shell stand in Hall H was adorned with Banners featuring Ken Hom and one of his CleverstiX endorsement quotes, together with specially designed posters.

CleverstiX.com also officially sponsored the ‘Feeding Equipment’ category as well as the information points located throughout the Harrogate International Centre. This was complemented by advertisement features in Progressive Preschool magazine, the Nursery Today daily newsletter and the official Harrogate International Nursery Fair website.

However the impact of the CleverstiX ‘Jellybean Challenge’ was perhaps the most memorable experience, with the prospect of free sweets and a special prize of a personally signed Ken Hom cookbook and 4-piece Wok Set generating a significant and consistent footfall to Stand HP110!

Participants were afforded 30 seconds to transfer as many Jellybeans as possible from a ‘sweetie’ jar into a provided ‘sweetie’ bag to take away with them using only a pair of either Science Museum, Kung Fu Panda or Hello Kitty CleverstiX child development cutlery to assist them.

Despite the cutlery being designed for smaller hands, the challenge was enjoyed by Children and Grown-Ups alike as it practically demonstrated the brilliance of the CleverstiX products and how easy it they are to use from the very first attempt! This was cemented by the subsequent number of impulse buys, orders and new leads generated!

The competitive spirit was evident on several occasions with the eventual glory going to Philip Doherty from Maguari who managed an astonishing rate of one jellybean per second to depart with no less than 30 of our multi-coloured confectionary!

Meanwhile those also leaving a business card were entered into the draw to win the prizes as donated by Ken Hom OBE. The winner was since picked at random by young David who very recently also celebrated his 8th birthday! Therefore we can now reveal the winner to be Sarah Crease of Mercury Events! Congratulations Sarah – prizes on their way to you soon!

Next for CleverstiX is the sponsorship of the Housewares Conference 2015 on 22 April 2015 where the official hosts include our friend Ken Hom OBE plus actress and winner of the 2010 Masterchef, Lisa Faulkner.

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