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Hot on the heels of the recent babyworld Product review of CleverstiX, popular ‘mummy’ blog site ROCK’N’ROLLER BABY has now offered the latest opinion on the Science Museum version of our Training Chopsticks.

The reviewer Ruth Davies Knowles, who describes herself as “Mummy, wife, daughter, friend, actress, writer, blogger” (and currently boasts almost 3,000 followers on Twitter), went to the trouble of preparing her children a delicious looking Chinese Meal for the purpose of performing some CleverstiX product testing.

We’re pleased to report that the first-time CleverstiX experience of young Florence and Jimmy appears to have been a rather positive one with CleverstiX being described as “really easy to use” and “a bit like using a pencil” – and there’s even an incident during the meal where the offer of a spoon is rejected outright in favour of sticking with CleverstiX!

The author concludes by exclaiming “I think they’re great and wouldn’t mind a pair myself” – we really need to get on with releasing an Adult version!

READ the full review here: http://www.rocknrollerbaby.co.uk/chinesenewyear-feastrecipe

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