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Following quickly on from the launch of the new CleverstiX.com website design, CleverstiX is delighted to announce the release of it’s first promotional short film!

Featuring footage filmed by PTC Photography, and professionally edited by the Institute of Videography’s Zulqar Cheema, the video is set against the natural setting of a Children’s Party, with kids enjoying their party food whilst using the various editions of the Science Museum endorsed CleverstiX products, including the Kung Fu Panda, Hello Kitty and Robocar Poli versions.

Meanwhile parents and their children discuss their thoughts on the CleverstiX product and the impact it has had on them.

CleverstiX.com would like to extend it’s thanks to Anna Phillips for the concept, and to all the amazing stars who took part in the video:

  • Carl and his son Gabriel (7)
  • Nerys & Scott and their sons Lucas (7) & William (4)
  • Angela and her daughter Mia (11) & son Noah (6)
  • Julie and her daughters Lily (8) & Evie (4)
  • Hyewonko and Simon and their son Iestyn (4)
  • Jihyun and her daughter Mia (7)

To view the video simply visit the CleverstiX.com HomePage now where it has been implemented by our website hosting partners Dragon Drop Publishing:

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