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CleverstiX.com is delighted to reveal the launch of it’s own dedicated Amazon Store Page!

Having received an invitation from the global marketplace giant to design and upload the web entry it has now been published with demonstration videos and promo pictures featured. 

The release of our Amazon page coincides with the exclusive Black Friday weekend sale announced via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the past few days, including the following reductions: 

ANTI-SLIP Clever Fork & Spoon Set – 50% OFF: 
WAS £11.99, NOW £5.99·

CleverstiX – 25% OFF:
WAS £7.99, NOW £5.99

And now, to celebrate the launch, we are extending these reductions on Amazon into  December. Visit the new page via this link now to benefit from these exclusive offers!: 

Amazon.co.uk: CleverstiX


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