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CleverstiX.com are hugely excited to announce the launch of it’s brand new website, which was released during the course of the weekend:


Expertly designed and implemented by Dragon Drop Publishing (DDP), the new site is the result of a brand new design and the introduction of several new features to compliment the CleverstiX products (as officially endorsed by the Science Museum):

    • detailed enlarged view of the product and it’s packaging
    • the stunning 360° spinning animation view, allowing users to see the entire product from front to back
  • Where To Buy‘ – listing new stockists as and when they make CleverstiX available for purchase. This list will expand after the initial Science Museum Shop exclusivity period.
  • The Launch of “Blog+” – allowing users to keep up-to-date with the latest product information, related news, new stockist announcements, plus offers and discounts. Sign up to our Blog+ email digest to be kept informed.

Visit www.CleverstiX.com today to view our new website it all it’s glory!

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