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Meet the Clever Fork & Spoon Set

Easy Twist Grips

Streamlined and made from silicone so they feel great and help kids secure optimal hand-grip control.

Rounded Tips

Safer & Less Mess! No pointed or sharp edges. The anti-slip prongs help prevent food slipping off.

For All Cuisines

The premium quality high-grade Stainless Steel cutlery effectively catches and pierces all types of food.

Child Development Cutlery

The CleverstiX Fork & Spoon Set is part of the special ergonomically designed Child Development Cutlery range from CleverstiX.com designed to make mealtimes easier for parents, carers and children!

Learning Aid
Not only does our CleverstiX.com Child Development Cutlery range make meals simpler, they also train kids to eat correctly while evolving their dexterity at the same time.


We’ve received a lot of feedback from parents about how their kids love eating pasta and noodles, but mealtimes ended up being a frustrating, slow and messy experience (especially when spaghetti in tomato sauce is involved)!

The Clever Fork & Spoon set aims to not only address this issue, but also:

  • to help children be more independent
  • to be safer for little ones to use
  • to be suitable for all cuisines, universal



    enhances coordination and dexterity – great for handwriting and pincer strength!
    once agility is developed, the streamline silicone grips help kids master the fork swivelling action for pasta and noodles!
    ‘catch’ food with the minimum of fuss.
    helps prevent food slipping off, even when held vertically.
    no pointed or sharp edges. BPA Free.
    ideal for spaghetti and noodles, yet effectively grips and pierces other food too!
    built to last with 18-10 Stainless Steel

Our short video features children with varying levels of dexterity and demonstrates how the Clever Fork & Spoon set:

  • Is simple and comfortable for kids to use
  • Uses the rounded prongs to grip all types of food
  • Promotes agility and nimbleness in children
  • Prevents dropped food or mess

View more pictures on our Image Gallery page here.

BUY the Clever Fork & Spoon from CleverstiX.com here

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