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CleverstiX.com was honoured this month when BBC TV Cook Ching-He Huang, and the legend that is Ken Hom, OBE, used a public platform to announce their sentiments for our advanced ‘next generation’ training chopsticks for children.

Both chefs had previously united on the 2012 BBC Television series “Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure“, and they were united again in declaring they “love” CleverstiX.

Like Ken Hom, Ching-He Huang is also an established author who’s programmes have been aired on various channels around the world. Ms Huang described the fine motor skills development cutlery as “fabulous! Love them!“.

Meanwhile Mr Hom also congratulated CleverstiX.com with a tweet to say “well done, i love it! KH“.

You can follow us on Twitter @CleverstiX: https://twitter.com/CleverstiX.

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