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The benefits of CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery have already been recognised by experts within the Special Needs (SEN) sector, by professional Paediatric Occupational Therapists, and by the National Handwriting Association.

However CleverstiX.com is especially thrilled to reveal news that the value of using our Child Development Cutlery has been ratified by the much respected Cathy Parvin, founder of Dyspraxia Education.

Cathy Parvin, Dyspraxia Education

Cathy Parvin

Dyspraxia/DCD Education is the “NOT FOR PROFIT” organisation that supports youngsters affected by the condition. Most teachers are not trained in Dyspraxia/DCD so Cathy aims to address this by providing the appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) coaching to staff and helpers from schools, nuseries, charities and other children’s organisations, as well offering helpline advice to parents.

Cathy incorporated CleverstiX into some of the practical activities she promotes:

“The Cleverstix were very popular with the children who were all keen to try them. They came up with lots of different uses for them from eating (they called them ‘Fancy Chopsticks‘) to all sorts of games such as, picking up small items and transferring them.”

Previously the Education Officer for the Dyspraxia Foundation, Cathy’s background is in Orthopaedic Nursing and she presents at various SENCO conferences, including at the Education Show 2016 next March.

Dyspraxia Education - Handwriting Training

Dyspraxia Education – Handwriting Training

Dyspraxia Education additionally offers dedicated Dyspraxia Handwriting Training, and indeed Cathy herself was trained by the National Handwriting Association and she concluded:

“They engaged the children and of course were working on developing fine motor skills at the same time. Cleverstix live up to their name!”

Visit the Dyspraxia Education website here: www.Dyspraxia-Ed.co.uk

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