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Someone with an eagle-eye has kindly pointed out to us that CleverstiX have been reviewed on babyworld!

Established in the UK since 2003, babyworld focusses on the parenting of infants up to age 5 and currently boasts almost 11,000 Social Media Followers!

So far, at the time of publishing this Blog entry, we are glad to report an average score of 4.9 stars out of 5! Here is a brief selection of the review comments:

  • ..both my children aged 8 and 4 have thoroughly enjoyed and taken great pleasure in using them.
  • ..she had great fun practising to pick up small items with them, which provided a great source of amusement trying to pick up various objects around the house!
  • The product was very ergonomic and easy to use. It fitted, and adjusted to, the hand comfortably and the children took to using them very quickly with excellent results.
  • I certainly feel they have helped to exercise my children’s fine motor skills..
  • ..would make a great gift for other children, different to the norm.
  • I’m considering them for future birthday presents as an unusual but educational gift. Great Product!
  • ..they have provided much entertainment not only to pick up noodles but many other items such as nuts, fruit or even toys!

Head over to the www.babyworld.co.uk website to read the reviews of the product as available now in the Science Museum and Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) shops – why not add your own opinion while you’re there?:


***UPDATE: 30 January 2015***

CleverstiX wins the babyworld ‘Mums Love Award’!


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