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CleverstiX.com is delighted to confirm the engagement of specialist bébélephant as the UK distributor of our Child Development Cutlery range in the nursery retail sector.

A family run business, bébélephant specialises in the distribution of “unique and innovate products to the nursery industry in the UK and beyond – products beneficial for parents and children alike” – a great fit for CleverstiX!

Managing Director Elliot Bishop:

Our own kids use CleverstiX and we were thrilled to be entrusted with the product by Kevin. Having such a high calibre celebrity endorsement (Ken Hom OBE) is an added bonus, and this news is a great boost to Team Bébélephant.

The appointment comes at a particularly exciting time as CleverstiX.com launches it’s new Clever Fork & Spoon set product to add to it’s award-winning CleverstiX. Founder Kevin North reacted:

Following our success in the kitchenware retail and the educational supplies sectors I’m delighted to be working with a distributor as highly regarded as bébélephant to promote our products in the nursery sector – an ideal fit for our children’s range..

Visit the bébélephant website by clicking here.

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