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CleverstiX.com: a team of UK and South Korean nationals who were enthralled by the ingenious concept, the quality, the ergonomic design of ‘Child Development Chopsticks’, and the wide-ranging human benefits that comes from their use. These products are widely established and hugely popular in South Korea and other local countries.

The story of CleverstiX began back in 2011, when a trip to Korea by co-founder Kevin North and his family first brought his attention to an amazing type of children’s ‘training’ chopsticks. Perhaps even more intriguing was the fact they were marketed as a product that could boost children’s brain development, IQ levels, handwriting grip and fine motor skills. He didn’t hesitate to buy a pair for his then 4-year-old son. Amazed at just how easily his boy could use them – and just how much he enjoyed using them – Kevin subsequently bought a few additional pairs to bring back to the UK as gifts for friends who also had young children. 


Only a few post-trip days passed by before some kind comments from one of his friends was received mentioning how their little one also absolutely loved using his new ‘sticks’ to eat with, and was now insisting on using them for every meal, no matter what they were eating! Although Kevin was mildly and pleasantly surprised at this feedback, he was soon positively amazed to receive almost carbon copy reactions from his other friends over the next few days and weeks! Including from some desperate parents pleading with Kevin to get hold of more because they were not available in the UK and they couldn’t cope with their kids fighting over who gets to use the ‘sticks’ due to extremely jealous brothers or sisters!

Intrigued by these assessments, Kevin decided to purchase additional sets and list them on the UK versions of eBay and Amazon for the main purpose of observing the customer reviews. Upon the consistent receipt of 5 star scores and overwhelmingly encouraging evaluations, Kevin knew that this was a product that could be a success in the UK.  Redundancy from his ‘day job’ was the final push Kevin needed to move forward with rigorous quality and safety testing, securing regional supplier exclusivity, a business partner, and creating the ‘CleverstiX.com’ brand and concept of Child Development Cutlery.  


But the fascinating feedback did not stop there! Several Reviews and Awards followed. TV Chef and author Ken Hom OBE revealed his own grandsons use CleverstiX, declaring CleverstIX as “the best”

Post-launch consumer remarks were received from parents and carers of children with conditions such as Dyspraxia/DCD and some forms of Autism. After receiving advice from the Dyspraxia Foundation charity, Kevin had CleverstiX tested by qualified experts including Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) and handwriting specialists with outstanding results. CleverstiX are now also supplied in the Special Needs sector to the OTs, SENCOs, NHS Trusts, nurseries, schools and other educational institutions where they are used for Fine Motor and Developmental exercise activities.

You can also find the award-winning CleverstiX in children’s stores, kitchenware / cook shops, restaurants and take-aways.

More recently the Loughborough University Centre for Research into Eating Disorders and Behaviours (LUCRED) have embarked on a research project to investigate the benefits of using CleverstiX for Fussy and Picky Eaters. And specialists at the Children’s Trust are currently conducting a professional assessment for the potential use of CleverstiX in brain injury rehabilitation programmes.


***READ our “Introduction to the award-winning CleverstiX” article HERE***

In the latter part of 2016 the Clever Fork & Spoon Set was launched, primarily in response to persistent feedback from UK parents they the most problematic food for their children to eat was Spaghetti and Noodles – a problem which still had not been addressed.  It soon won Your Home Magazine “Product of the Week” and the 2016 Bizziebaby Silver Award

All CleverstiX.com products are of the very highest quality and tested for child safety in accordance with UK/EU trading standards. Beware of substandard imitations!

CLEVERSTIX.com Ltd (Company Number: 09245800) are the exclusive European distributors of the South Korean based RAON ‘Child Development Chopsticks’. 

CleverstiX.com Ltd., Treviot House, 186-192 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1LR, England, UK

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