Child Development Cutlery

They are the best, help develop children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. CleverstiX look almost like a toy, is safe and works!” – KEN HOM OBE: Chef, Author, TV Presenter

Improve concentration

Makes my kids more focussed when they’re eating

Develop handwriting grip

Each time he uses them his dexterity improves

Enjoy meal times

They really like using them – good fun!

Advance motor skills

Have improved strength in his fingers. Very good for learning & development

Learn chopstick control

My 4 year old worked out how to use them the first time she tried!

Happy Kids!

“He loves to use them!”

Read the National Handwriting Association (NHA) CleverstiX review

Following the NHA conducted product evaluation the UK charity now recommends CleverstiX for children. Read more here.

It’s New, it’s Fun, it’s Educational – it’s CleverstiX

Using cutlery can be tricky for little ones – making mealtime’s hard work for parents – so our new award-winning Child Development Cutlery uses a special ergonomic chopsticks-style pincer design to improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, feeding habits and enjoyment of mealtimes. 

A truly unique innovation, CleverstiX are suitable for ALL cuisines including PASTA, CHIPS, FRUIT and VEGETABLES for children aged 3+. 

For kids the toy-like appearance of their very own CleverstiX can mean having fun applying the concentration required to meet the ‘challenge’ of eating meals, rather playing with their food through boredom (and seeing just how many pasta tubes they can deposit onto the floor!). 

CleverstiX are officially endorsed by the Science Museum, London

For long-suffering mummies and daddies CleverstiX means not having to find quite so many inventive new ways to ‘encourage’ their kids to eat everything on their plate. And since CleverstiX are designed to build children’s fine motor strength & skills the reduction in dropped food results in a less exhausting post-meal clean-up! 

But the benefits don’t end there! READ  ON.. →

CleverstiX provides a safer way to evolve a toddler’s dexterity before they move onto silverware cutlery by utilising a ‘Training Chopsticks’ design – and with an estimated 66% of the world’s middle class forecast to be in Asia by the year 2030, it’s surely not a bad idea for our next generation of business leaders (a.k.a. our kids) to master chopsticks to impress during those business lunches of the future! 

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CleverstiX provide an original and IDEAL stocking-sized gift with maximum novelty factor that’s Approved by Parents and Loved by Kids!

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“CleverstiX are the best – they help develop children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. CleverstiX look almost like a toy are safe and work!” - Ken Hom OBE: Chef, Author, TV Presenter (Ken Hom's Grandchildren use CleverstiX)


Use of Chopsticks provides exercise.. ..for 30 joints and 50 muscles of the body!

Number Of Joints Exercised

Number Of Muscles Used (more than 2x that of a fork)

Number Of Years Humans Have Been Using Chopsticks

Number Of Koreans Using CleverstiX

A better way to eat Strawberries (and most other food)!


...Of The World's Middle Class Will Be In Asia By 2030*: whose children will Business Lunch with them?

*Source: UN Development Programme
– Human Development Report 2013

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