By 2030, 66% of the world’s middle class will be in Asia*

- whose children will Business Lunch with them?

    A new, unique, original stocking-sized gift idea loved by kids that combines FUN, EDUCATION and DEVELOPMENT! Welcome to a brand new product invention due for Retail Launch in the UK, Ireland and France in Autumn 2014.

CLEVERSTIX presents Child Development Chopsticks.

From Korea, CLEVERSTIX are easy to use, cool, stylish, high-quality and child-safe products for kids aged 3 years and over**. Research has found usage can enhance child development in the following ways, thanks to the benefits of the unique patented ergonomic design – simply while they eat!

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*Source: UN Development Programme – Human Development Report 2013 ” .
**Dependant on finger size (see How To Use for more detail).