Child Development Cutlery

They are the best, help develop children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. CleverstiX look almost like a toy, is safe and works!” - KEN HOM OBE: Chef, Author, TV Presenter

Improve concentration

Makes my kids more focussed when they’re eating

Develop handwriting grip

Each time he uses them his dexterity improves

Enjoy meal times

They really like using them – good fun!

Advance motor skills

Have improved strength in his fingers. Very good for learning & development

Learn chopstick control

My 4 year old worked out how to use them the first time she tried!

Happy Kids!

“He loves to use them!”

It’s New, it’s Fun, it’s Educational – it’s CleverstiX

Despite being in an industry that thrives on innovation, it is rare to find a gift product that simply has not been seen in Europe before. 

Also often uncommon is to find a gift that kids genuinely love and that can be relied upon to achieve parental approval too!

Thanks to its cutting edge ergonomic design Child Development Cutlery is a recently launched invention that is officially endorsed by the SCIENCE MUSEUM and develops children’s ability to perform the following: 

CleverstiX are officially endorsed by the Science Museum, London

Featuring much-loved children’s characters HELLO KITTY, ROBOCAR POLI and KUNG FU PANDA, CleverstiX offer a unique stocking-sized gift idea for kids that successfully combine Fun, Education and Development! Originating from South Korea this ingenious creation is based on a ‘training chopsticks’ model but enhances the concept to focus the new design on a child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. 

Feedback from our European customers has overwhelmingly backed the successful implementation of these aims with parent testimonies citing their children’s improved eating habits and focus at meal-times as kids have fun concentrating on the challenge to picking up food with their CleverstiX whilst noticeably raising their levels of dexterity. 

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Built to the highest quality standards that our licensing partners at Sanrio, ROI Visual, Studio Canal and DreamWorks Animation demand, CleverstiX is an IDEAL and appropriate children’s gift.

CLEVERSTIX are BPA Free and certified to Global and EU standards:

• BS EN71-3:2013 • CE • EU 10/2011 • ISO 9001:2008 •

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Use of Chopsticks provides exercise.. ..for 30 joints and 50 muscles of the body!

Number Of Joints Exercised

Number Of Muscles Used (more than 2x that of a fork)

Number Of Years Humans Have Been Using Chopsticks

Number Of Koreans Using CleverstiX


Of The World's Middle Class Will Be In Asia By 2030

- whose children will Business Lunch with them?

*Source: UN Development Programme

– Human Development Report 2013

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‘Training Chopsticks’ – History & Future

The Past

‘Tweezer’ Style  –  ‘Tongs’ Style


  • Based on old-fashioned concept of simply having 2 sticks joined together at the top
  • Unrealistic ‘spring-back into place’ style elasticity,  unlike the motion of opening & closing real chopsticks
  • Very limited degree of movement between fully closed and fully opened positions

The Future

CleverstiX Style


  • Special ergonomic design featuring dedicated finger & thumb rings for the purpose of aiding Child Development
  • Users lead & control the FULL movement of opening and closing the CleverstiX – just as a user would  control a pair of chopsticks
  • The Head’s torque mechanism allows a wide scope of mobility – up to 70 degrees from a closed position, again replicating the operations of a chopstick user

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